HealthPathways in the Community

17 July, 2020

Dear GPs, we are listening

Dr Leah Curtis is one of 6,768 users who logged on to HealthPathways Melbourne between 1 April and 30 June 2020.

Her feedback and that of her colleagues from the West Brunswick Clinic, demonstrate some of the value we envisioned HealthPathways Melbourne would bring to general practice:

“I use HealthPathways when I hear of new referral processes, when I come across an unusual condition or a condition I haven't managed for a while and just to read up on general topics.”

“I use it quite often (probably at least a few times a week), sometimes during a consult to make sure I haven't forgotten investigations etc. I find it very helpful.”

The things that GPs value in HealthPathways Melbourne today, are the result of feedback from other GPs - from something simple like item numbers to be added to the Guide to MBS page; to spelling things out rather than using acronyms; to something with high clinical priority like “new clinical guidelines coming out next month”.

Here is one pain point from the GPs at West Brunswick Clinic – “There are some topics missing or they’re difficult to find but maybe I am expecting too much.” The team is already addressing this with better search terms and an improvement on the general search functionality within the site.

As part of HealthPathways Melbourne’s continuous improvement process, we regularly engage with GPs for all aspects of the program. We work with our local GPs as clinical editors to write pathways and we have many more GPs involved in clinical working groups. Our local GPs also advise us on communications, CPD events and improvement on website usability.

To provide your own feedback at any time, you can also use the SEND FEEDBACK button on the top right corner of the page.

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