HealthPathways in the Community

HealthPathways in the Community

09 September, 2019

Why HealthPathways Melbourne has become a valuable resource for our practice

Practice nurses have an important role in supporting GPs with adapting new systems, processes and resources. Apart from patient care, Senior Nurse Lauren Richardson also facilitates access to relevant current clinical and other guidelines that help diagnose and manage patients.  These activities contribute towards meeting RACGP General Practice Core Standard 5 on  "Clinical Management of Health Issues" respectively.

Their practice has automatic access to HealthPathways Melbourne, making it easier to make HealthPathways part of daily practice. Here's a snapshot of Lauren's routine:

“I use HealthPathways most days. Each morning when I open up Best Practice, I also open HealthPathways so it's always there on my internet browser when I need it. 

At each staff meeting I remind the doctors of clinical changes relating to our practice and on top of this, anything that comes up on the HealthPathways homepage that relates to our practice or that they should be aware of. I also make sure the web page is open on each doctor’s desktop every day."

"I find all the information about wound care the most valuable as I work with a lot of patients who have chronic wounds, and it is always helpful to have information about wound care and dressings right at my fingertips. There is also some helpful information on Older Persons Health that can be referenced when completing 75+ health assessments. 

There is a lot of reading and learning that can be done on the HealthPathways website which I believe can count towards our CPD hours. After attending a Wound Education Evening held by the PHN recently, I used the HealthPathways website to assist me in writing up a spreadsheet with all our wound care products and their uses. This is now kept on the wall of the treatment room and is used by all clinical staff to quickly decide what the most appropriate wound dressing for a particular wound is. 

I would definitely recommend HealthPathways to other nurses and GPs. Particularly for nurses just starting out in General Practice, the resources are invaluable."

Automatic access to HealthPathways Melbourne allows all staff at the practice to bypass the requirement for a username and password.

Lauren adds “This has been incredibly useful, we all have so many usernames and passwords to remember as it is, so to be able to just open up the website on my computer and the doctor's computers makes it that much easier. If anyone has a question that HealthPathways could answer, it's great to be able to just click the link and access the information straight away.”

Lauren Richardson has been a practice nurse for two years and is currently the senior nurse at her clinic. She was first exposed to HealthPathways at an event held by Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network. 

Lauren Richardson works as an Immunisation Nurse at Blackburn South Medical Centre. She assists the GPs with full body mole mapping, skin checks and subsequent excisions, in addition to doing care plans, health assessments, diabetes education, spirometry tests and wound care.

Contact the team for tips, tricks and assistance with bookmarking or creating shortcuts, including setting up automatic login to HealthPathways Melbourne.