HealthPathways in the Community

HealthPathways in the Community

04 June, 2019

Dr Steven Pinolo, GP Registrar currently completing GPT1, Post Graduate Year 5. (PGY5). 

You know what they say, the way you start the morning can affect your whole day.

GP Registrar Dr Steven Pinolo has all the important medical resources sites  bookmarked on his work computer.  He finds it a lot easier to open up all these sites at the start of the day.

Steve uses HealthPathways Melbourne every day at work along with other general practice essentials like Therapeutic Guidelines (eTG), Royal Children's Hospital (RCH) Clinical Practice Guidelines, and DermNetNZ. 

This is why Steve recommends HealthPathways:

"What I find most valuable is that each topic or page covers the entire assessment, investigations, initial management, and ongoing management and/or referral options for each presentation,  avoiding the need to use multiple websites or resources. The concise, bullet-point layout makes for quick and easy reading and referencing during consults. This is hugely useful for new GP Registrars who are exposed to many new presentations and conditions not seen in hospital medicine.  HealthPathways Melbourne allows me to quickly and confidently get management information during a consult." 

Steve practices in the Eastern Melbourne region. He first heard about HealthPathways during the Eastern Victoria GP (EVGP) Training sessions for new registrars earlier this year.

"It was recommended multiple times by the medical educators as a good resource. I had never heard about it in my hospital years prior to this. I started using it a few months into GPT1, when I found it more succinct to follow investigation and management pathways compared to some of the more detailed resources I had used previously, such as UpToDate. 

I would recommend HealthPathways particularly for GP registrars. It gives a rapid overview of a wide variety of many of the topics seen in general practice, and is quick and easy to use during consults."