HealthPathways in the community

09 January, 2019

We met Dr Melissa Garbut at the Doctors In Secondary Schools Forum where we showcased pathways in adolescent health being developed to support GPs participating in the program.  

Melissa is a GP in the Whittlesea area and her interests include women's health, infertility and IVF, family medicine, paediatrics, minor procedures. 

Melissa encourages other GPs to use HealthPathways Melbourne:

"Melbourne Health Pathways is an invaluable resource in my General Practice. The Pathways are easy to access, clearly presented and cover a vast number of clinical conditions and presentations. They provide relevant, succinct and up to date clinical information.  As well as providing useful information regarding assessment and management, the Pathways provide much needed information to GPs about where to refer their patients in both the public and private Victorian health system. The Pathways are free to use and are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect the ever-changing nature of General Practice. I would highly recommend all Victorian GPs use Melbourne Health Pathways as an adjunct in their own practice."

Melissa has participated as a clinical working group member and GP reviewer for the Lymphoedema work.  

She adds, "Secondary lymphoedema is a common presentation in General Practice patients. Despite this, there are relatively few public lymphoedema services. The lymphoedema pathway provides pertinent information about assessment and management of this condition. The Pathway subsequently equips GPs with the information required to successfully manage these patients in the Primary Care setting."