Health assessments for a healthier community

Health assessments for a healthier community

20 December, 2023

Lilydale Medical Clinic has been honoured with a Quality Improvement Award for their exceptional efforts in promoting and conducting health assessments. The clinic has demonstrated an impressive 1416% increase in the claiming of Health Assessments, making them a standout performer in the Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network catchment.

During Quarter 4, EMPHN spearheaded Health Assessments as a Quality Improvement Activity by hosting two webinars in August and September. These events focused on boosting the number of eligible patients undergoing Health Assessments, including the 75+ Health Assessment, Indigenous Health Assessment, Heart Health Check, and the 45-49 Year Old Health Assessment.

On December 13, 2023, representatives from EMPHN visited Lilydale Medical Clinic to present the clinic with a well-deserved Quality Improvement Award. Farah Aziz, the Practice Manager, and Brittany Hastings, the Head Nurse, received the recognition on behalf of the clinic. Brittany, who attended the Health Assessment webinar, credited the additional tips she gained for the clinic's success.

Utilising the POLAR system, Lilydale Medical Clinic identified eligible patients and engaged them through SMS messages, followed by direct phone calls. The entire practice was actively involved in the promotion process, emphasising the importance of Health Assessments to the patients. In particular, it was noted that direct referrals from the doctors was one of the most effective ways to engage with patients.

Encouraged by their success, Lilydale Medical Clinic has extended this proactive approach into Quarter 1 and has future plans to target patients at risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

Lilydale Medical Clinic's commitment to promoting preventive healthcare and their outstanding results will benefit the whole community as they work towards better health outcomes.