GP share experience of HealthPathways

GP share experience of HealthPathways

10 May, 2019

We met Dr Sukhwinder Marwaha during one of our practice visits. We were setting up his practice to have automatic login to HealthPathways Melbourne when we started chatting about his previous experience with HealthPathways.

We are thankful to Dr Marwaha for sharing his experience with HealthPathways Melbourne to other GPs who are new to the area and are not familiar with local referral options. 

"I was very happy after exploring the HealthPathways website in Melbourne as it really gave me good insight about all referral guidelines for hospitals which helps them to triage referred patients well to make things more efficient for all of us.  

I found the whole website very useful as it navigates you well to the appropriate required pathway. There are sections with the recent health related news and  links to very relevant websites like NPS Medicinewise, The Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme (PBS) and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP). I feel it is a very good resource for GPs to use in daily routine for different reasons from using referral guidelines to health related information. I agree that setting it up on the computer is an added advantage to make it more accessible when I need it."

Dr Marwaha worked as a GP in Regional North Queensland for eight years.  This is where he was first introduced to HealthPathways, an online resource he found to be really useful for general practice. He moved to Melbourne in 2017 and discovered HealthPathways Melbourne through the Eastern Melbourne PHN newsletter. 

HealthPathways is implemented by over 30 regions in Australia. With all HealthPathways sites following a standard structure and format, GPs moving interstate will find it very familiar and easy to use their local version.

The HealthPathways Melbourne team is assisting practices with setting up automatic logins, bookmarks and installing desktop shortcuts.  The automatic login allows any staff member within the practice quick access to the website without the need for a username and password.  

Contact the team on to request automatic login or for further information.