HealthPathways in the Community: 

Giving overseas trained GPs a headstart with HealthPathways

Jamie Lee is 2IC (Second-in-Command) at a large practice that has a mix of overseas trained GPs, GPs who have been with the practice for years, registered nurses and enrolled nurses. Jamie and her Practice Manager are striving to educate all their GPs and nurses on HealthPathways Melbourne.  

HealthPathways Melbourne provides easy to access information on how to refer to the most appropriate local services and specialists. GP hotlines for referral and administrative advice save time confirming appointments and referrals to outpatients. 

"We are showing them how to access this fantastic information. Information on criteria for referrals are very useful and we show these to our GPs who might be struggling or are new, so we can help them give the best service possible to our patients. We will be discussing HealthPathways at our next staff meeting so all staff can help our GPs use it.

I would recommend HealthPathways to everyone in the healthcare industry. I think it is so helpful. I encourage practice managers to get their GPs on it. Especially for overseas trained GPs, this website is a gateway to great things. It will give them a head start on where to refer, criteria, referral phone and fax numbers pictures. It is really helpful and it is such an amazing service. 

As 2IC, what I find most valuable on HealthPathways are MBS item numbers, fax and phone numbers to hospital clinics, information on death certificates, guidance on accreditation information, language services section  (as we have a lot of refugees and are a big multi-cultural clinic), and guidance on My Health Record." 

Jamie Lee has been with Epping Plaza Medical and Dental Centre for over 10 years. The practice has 18 GPs, 2 registered nurses and 4 enrolled nurses. They are in the process of organising automatic access and desktop shortcuts to HealthPathways Melbourne for all their staff.

Contact the team for tips, tricks and assistance with bookmarking or creating shortcuts, including setting up automatic login to HealthPathways Melbourne.