Getting the MOST out of youth mental health care

Getting the MOST out of youth mental health care

25 March, 2021

Victoria will soon have the world’s first network of digitally-enhanced youth mental health services as MOST – Orygen Digital’s Moderated Online Social Therapy platform – continues to roll out through specialist services and headspace centres.

Implementation was fast-tracked as part of the Victorian Government’s response to COVID-19 and MOST is expected to be available in 70 per cent of Victoria’s youth mental health services by the end of April. The rollout is being supported by lead health agencies, including Victoria’s PHNs.

MOST integrates with face-to-face clinical care to give 15 to 25-year-olds at participating services on-demand access to flexible, evidence-based digital therapy support. Available on all digital devices, it can be used before, during and after an episode of care, and it’s designed for all stages of treatment and diagnoses.

Eastern Melbourne PHN has been one of the early adopters to digitally enhance their clinical care offering, with MOST now available through services in Knox, and its Lilydale satellite (currently operating remotely from Knox site).

One of the platforms greatest strengths is that it is available to young people who are waiting for face-to-face care, giving them access to immediate support ahead of their first clinical appointment, easing service demand while still providing therapeutic care and support when they need it most.

Backed by more than ten years of research, co-design, clinical expertise and digital innovation, MOST was recently cited in the final report of the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System as a key example reflecting Recommendation 60’s need to build a ‘contemporary system through digital technology’.

Says Ben McKechnie, Clinical Psychologist, at the Youth Mood Clinic, “It’s a format that is going to be really appealing to a broader range and it’s going to allow us to engage some young people who we either wouldn’t have been able to, or who we’ve struggled to engage.

“One of things that’s really appealing about the platform is that it has a strong clinical team behind it... to have a clinical team backing that is really powerful, both in terms of helping guide selection of content for young people, but also just to be creating a moderated space.”

MOST will be expanded in mid-2021 to also offer access to 12 to 14 year-olds, with targeted resources and content supporting their mental wellbeing.

To find out more or how to refer your young clients to a participating service, please contact Esta Kanellopoulos Clinical Implementation Lead at Orygen Digital:

E | M | +61 409 652 291

Find out what young people are saying about MOST in this video, here's a clinical perspective, and we have more information at