Getting care at the right time

Getting care at the right time

05 April, 2023

Rashi and his dad walked into the Epping Priority Primary Care Centre (PPCC) after he fainted and blacked out for a few moments. Rashi is a fit, cricket-loving 10-year-old boy who lives with his mum, dad, two sisters and his grandparents and this was the first time this had ever happened, and he doesn’t have a regular GP.

The triage nurse conducted an assessment including urine testing, blood sugar testing and an ECG. After his assessment, the doctor noticed an irregularity on the ECG and Rashi was referred to a cardiology specialist and pediatrician, who diagnosed him with the rare Brugada Syndrome. Thanks to the timely care he received, Rashi is now back to playing cricket and living a healthier life.

PPCCs have become an invaluable addition to the healthcare system since being introduced by the State Government in October last year. They not only provide urgent medical care for situations like Rashi’s, but can also assist with a sprain, a mild infection, a broken bone, or a burn to reduce strain on the hospital system. They can help you on a Saturday afternoon if you break a bone at football or on a week night if you need some stitches. By bridging the gap between general practice and emergency care, PPCCs help patients get the treatment they need more quickly and closer to home.

At a PPCC, you will receive professional, friendly, and caring treatment from dedicated staff, without needing an appointment. The service is available seven days a week, with extended hours to suit busy families. If your condition doesn’t need to be treated quickly, you should visit your regular GP but if it’s urgent (and not life-threatening, like a heart attack), then a PPCC can save you time and help ease the load on Emergency Departments.

“This is a great practice that saved us two visits to the Emergency Department. Staff and doctors were professional and caring.” Commented patient, Sing Silva.

PPCCs provide free urgent treatment for non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses when you cannot see your GP, regardless of whether you have a Medicare card or not. With these services, you can get the care you need on the same day, closer to home and avoid the emergency department.