First report on GP quality improvement measures released by AIHW

First report on GP quality improvement measures released by AIHW

30 August, 2021

The first Practice Incentives Program Quality Improvement Measures: National report on the first year of data 2020-21 has been released by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) on behalf of the Department of Health.

This PIP QI report brings together de-identified data collated by PHNs on behalf of its general practices across 10 Quality Improvement Measures (QIMs). These QIMs focus on areas that represent a significant burden on the health of Australians, including cervical screening, cardiovascular disease assessment and immunisation against influenza.

Updated PIP QI reports will be released quarterly from here on and used by EMPHN to support GPs to improve patient care and planning for health needs in our catchment, and may assist in the prevention and management of complex and chronic diseases.

The report is not practice or clinician specific but rather a collation of aggregated de-identified data of the 346 participating general practices in our catchment. It is possible that on some QIMs where EMPHN as a whole is close to the national average, a number of practices in our catchment will be above the national average, and others will be below the national average.

The report can be accessed via the link to the AIHW website here.