Eye health and vision care training for healthcare professionals

Eye health and vision care training for healthcare professionals

18 July, 2023

Eye health is a critical aspect of overall patient well-being. Early detection of eye conditions can significantly reduce the risk of blindness and vision loss. Healthcare professionals need to stay informed and proactive in identifying, managing, and preventing eye diseases in their patients.

EMPHN is excited to announce the launch of our comprehensive eye health and vision care training program, designed to equip healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to support good eye health of their patients.

The importance of regular eye examinations

Many eye conditions, such as glaucoma and macular degeneration, do not exhibit noticeable symptoms in their early stages. However, with early detection through regular eye examinations, most cases of blindness and vision loss can be prevented or effectively treated. Encouraging patients to undergo routine eye exams can contribute to their overall well-being and help maintain quality of life.

The role of general practice

General practice can play a vital role in reducing avoidable blindness and vision loss by identifying and monitoring higher-risk patients including:

  • those aged 40 and older
  • individuals with diabetes
  • those with hypertension
  • individuals with a family history of eye disease
  • smokers.

First Nations people and those from culturally and linguistically diverse communities may face additional barriers in accessing tailored and appropriate support for their eye health.

Download our eye health consumer kit that practices can use to deliver key messages to their patients.

Victorian Eye Health Pilot Project

In partnership with the Victorian Department of Health, EMPHN and Murray PHN are leading a quality and systems improvement pilot project aimed at enhancing eye screening and detection of eye conditions for at-risk groups across Victoria.

Nine general practices are participating in the program to develop sustainable system improvements, improve patient identification, and facilitate appropriate referrals to eye health professionals. The project aims to reducing the prevalence of avoidable blindness and vision loss in our communities.

General practices not participating in the pilot program are still able to access the free online eye health training modules and resources.

Free online eye health training modules

To support healthcare professionals in their continuous professional development, EMPHN has collaborated with Vision 2020 Australia, the peak body for eye health and vision care organisations, to offer a range of free online professional development and training opportunities through the Vision 2020 Australia portal.

These modules cover various topics, including an introduction to eye health and vision care, advanced eye care, common eye conditions, diabetes eye care, and emergency eye care.

In addition to the online training modules, EMPHN will be hosting live webinars throughout the year, focusing on specific eye health topics such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes and eye health, children's vision, and cataracts. These webinars provide an interactive platform for learning and discussion. Register or watch now:


Webinar topic

Registration link

Tuesday 14 March

Eye health webinar 1: Glaucoma deep-dive

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Tuesday 9 May 6.30pm

Eye health webinar 2: Macular degeneration

Watch recording

Wednesday 12 July 6.30pm

Eye health webinar 3: Diabetes and eye health

Watch recording

Wednesday 30 August 6.30pm

Eye health webinar 4: Children’s vision

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Thursday 12 October 6.30pm

Eye health webinar 5: Cataracts deep-dive

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Additional resources for health professionals to deliver comprehensive eye care

We have compiled a wealth of additional resources to support healthcare professionals in delivering comprehensive eye care. These resources include patient education materials, referral pathways, and information about relevant organisations specialising in eye care. By utilising these resources, healthcare professionals can enhance their practice and provide the best possible care to their patients.

Services for healthcare professionals:

  • KeepSight is a national eye check recall and reminder system for people with diabetes, led by Diabetes Australia. Healthcare providers can access the free digital platform to register patient details.
  • Order posters, information sheets, brochures and translated resources from Vision 2020 Australia.
  • Patients who are blind or have vision loss can be referred to Vision Australia for support to live the life they choose.

Services for patients:

  • Good Vision for Life is a hub of information that includes a search function to find a local optometrist, plus information about healthy eyes.
  • Glaucoma Australia provides free education and support to people living with glaucoma and produces resources to promote early detection.
  • The Victorian Eyecare Service allows eligible Victorians to receive subsidised glasses, contact lenses and visual aids.
  • The Victorian Aboriginal Spectacles Subsidy Scheme provides $10 glasses for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in Victoria.

Additional training for healthcare professionals:

Clinical and referral pathways

Additional resources