Excess COVID-19 vaccine

Excess COVID-19 vaccine

09 November, 2021

The Commonwealth Department of Health has recently established a team dedicated to supporting the transfer of vaccines and reduce the amount of wastage.

Practices with excess stock (10 vials or more of Pfizer, 20 vials or more of AstraZeneca) should contact VOC via phone 1800 318 208 or email covid19vaccineoperationscentre@health.gov.au with the following information:

Practice Name

Practice ID #

Practice Address

Practice Opening Hours

Excess Vaccine type

Number if vials

Expiry date

Batch number

In the event that your doses have expired, please:

  • Refer to the COVID-19 Vaccination Training which provides details on how to dispose of vaccines, and
  • Remember to report wastage through the COVID-19 Vaccine Administrative System (CVAS):
    • Wastage less than 5 vials should be reported in your Vaccine Stock Management Report; and
    • Wastage of 5 vials and over should be reported within the Wastage Report

If you would like to reduce your minimum order for Pfizer to 60 per fortnight, please email practicesupport@emphn.org.au and we can submit that request to the Department of Health.