Eugenie’s story

Eugenie’s story

26 June, 2018

The North East Recovery and Support Program, funded by Eastern Melbourne PHN (EMPHN) and delivered by Banyule Community Health, is a holistic, personalised, recovery-focussed withdrawal and rehabilitation program for people with chronic alcohol and other drug misuse issues.

The eight-week program recognises alcohol and other drug misuse rarely occurs in isolation and is often symptomatic of a complexity of mental, physical and social health issues.  

Working with a collaborative team the initiative aims to provide people with tools to improve their quality of life, and contribute to their community in a self-sustainable way.

Eugenie completed the program in late 2017. This is her story.

The initiative is supported by funding from the Australian Government under the PHN program. 

For more information about the North East Recovery and Support Program, please contact Banyule Community Health on 9450 2000.