Enhanced Palliative Care at Home

Enhanced Palliative Care at Home

19 September, 2019

In May 2019 EMPHN released a tender for Enhanced Palliative Care at Home.

Banksia Palliative Care Services Inc. have been contracted to deliver the Client and Carer Support Program (CCSP) and provision of increased access to Specialist Palliative Care Physician (SPCP) advice after hours.

Bolton Clarke will be delivering a palliative approach that recognises and plans for end-of-life care that is person centered, holistic and promotes quality of life.


  • Community-based support for people (and their carers) in their last 12 months of life, to enable them to live at home or a home-like environment.
  • Access or navigation to after-hours palliative care support for people and their carers.
  • Enhance the integration been specialist palliative care, community palliative care and primary care.


  • People experiencing optimal end of life care that is supportive, informative, practical and supports provision of connections that improve quality of life.
  • Peoples pain and symptoms are managed using quality interventions.
  • Peoples values and preferences are recognised and respected in their end of life care.
  • Carers are better supported
  • People are cared for and may choose to die in their place of choice