EMPHN Provider Newsletter 2 September

EMPHN Provider Newsletter 2 September

02 September, 2020

2 September

Message from EMPHN

Adapting to Stage 4 restrictions has meant we are all facing new personal and professional challenges. As one staff member put it, ‘What kind of myth-busting can we do?’ We need to consider what’s true of our business now, as we factor in uncertainty for the future. Undertaking regular business and personal ‘pulse checks’ are more important than ever

Health providers are flagging with us their concerns about a potential future surge in service demand, finding qualified staff, and the challenges of on-boarding staff remotely. There are concerns about the level of complexity when people finally do present to their health practitioner(s) to address mental or physical health needs, or both.

In the present circumstances, what we are hearing from providers, though, is greater and greater resilience and adaptability in readiness for any increase in service demands. However, we acknowledge weariness among staff and how this might be addressed.

Please reach out to your EMPHN manager to discuss present concerns and, also, to share workplace initiatives that are making an immediate difference.

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