EMPHN Provider Newsletter 19 August

EMPHN Provider Newsletter 19 August

24 August, 2020

Message from EMPHN

Melbourne’s Stage 4 restrictions are with us for a while, and we each need to be alert to how we are managing, both professionally and personally. Our EMPHN team regularly discusses the need to look after each other and our personal wellbeing. In recent times we have reflected on workplace and personal approaches and adapting along the way.
We encourage our commissioned services to prioritise good communication with their staff and extend support, not just when needed, but as a daily way of working together.
One of the tips in the National Mental Health Commission’s new national conversation, #GettingThroughThisTogether, states it simply: ‘Caring for yourself helps you care for others’.
Thank you for the support you are extending to your staff, and do keep us advised of wellbeing initiatives that we can share with others. Please check out the 'Taking care of ourselves/supporting staff' section.

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