EMPHN Provider Newsletter 17 September

17 September, 2020

Message from EMPHN

As we consider what is true of our service delivery right now, based on our work with providers and their work in the community, we’re hearing about how agile services have become. In a recent Department of Health webinar, Christine Morgan of the National Mental Health Commission referred to this as “innovative agility”.

We have learned, and are continuing to learn, about services working effectively with each other in challenging environments and ever-increasing community needs, especially among the most vulnerable. Our own efforts have seen the recent launch of a Preventative Health Initiative, the Healthy Ageing Service Response, and the newly funded HeadtoHelp mental health hubs in Victoria, three of which are in EMPHNs catchment.

We recognise that all of us are working at a speed and agility remarkable in the health sector, but we recognise the inherent lessons, too. We need time to rest, shore up our resilience, and recover personal energy in order to remain agile and effective in our work. As ever, we extend our gratitude and thanks for your extraordinary efforts on behalf of so many.

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