EMPHN Provider Newsletter 1 October

EMPHN Provider Newsletter 1 October

02 October, 2020

Message from EMPHN

Our teams have been exploring what it will be like to return to the workplace at some future point. How will everyone adjust emotionally, what will it feel like to be ‘present’, face-to-face, interacting in person and not on a screen?

As our service providers consider scaling up face-to-face services with the recently announced changes to Stage 4, staff may be feeling similar anxieties. The importance of supporting staff to reintegrate to the workplace cannot be overstated. This is a new form of transition, and it may bring its own level of uncertainty, especially where workplaces have undergone significant change during COVID-19.

Please share your thoughts and observations with your EMPHN contract manager, so that each step out of Stage 4 restrictions is a smooth one.

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