EMPHN Low Intensity Co-Design Workshop

13 December, 2016

Eastern Melbourne PHN (EMPHN) held a low intensity co-design workshop in late November, which was attended by over 30 health care professionals.  Various parts of the sector were represented, from community organisations and tertiary health, right through to universities and Department of Health.  There was also consumer and carer representation.

The workshop had three key objectives:

  1. Share what EMPHN is and what services it provides;
  2. Draw upon the experience from important stakeholders to identify hard to reach groups for the sector;  and
  3. Obtain stakeholder input into the design of innovative low intensity psychological services.

The workshop received positive feedback from attendees, including the testimonial below.

“I would like to say that I thought yesterday was well delivered.

I do hope you are able to use the ideas to ‘Better Best’.”

- Kate Cogan, Clinical Manager, Mental Health Program at Outcome Health  

A report is being developed to capture the outcomes of the workshop.