Eastern Health IT System Outage - update

Eastern Health IT System Outage - update

09 March, 2023

Eastern Health IT System Outage - update

Thursday, March 09, 2023

7:45am update

Eastern Health is currently experiencing a significant IT system outage. A Code Yellow Internal Emergency has been declared across their health service. The issue has been caused by a critical core switch outage that they are currently working to rectify. There is no evidence of a cyber attack. Hospital systems have reverted to downtime procedures and business continuity plans have been enacted. They will continue to keep their staff, patients and healthcare partners informed as the situation unfolds. And they again thank their staff for the work they are doing to support the ongoing care of our community.

10.50am update

The identification process has determined the specific cause of the issue and remedial action is underway. Business continuity processes and the return of several systems have allowed many services to continue as planned with limited interruption. Where this has occurred, patients are being notified of any disruption. They again thank staff for continuing to provide the care to their patients, residents and consumers. Further updates will be provided throughout the day.

2.45pm update

Code Yellow stood down. Rectification works have largely been completed and critical applications are now back online. As such, Eastern Health Incident Command has stood down the Code Yellow – Internal Emergency. A detailed review will now be conducted. During the IT outage, downtime procedures and business continuity plans allowed a majority of services to continue with only limited interruption. Sincere thanks are extended to their staff, patients, health industry partners and the community for their incredible support and understanding through this situation

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