Doctors vs Nurses in the battle for the My Health Record title

Doctors vs Nurses in the battle for the My Health Record title

30 November, 2021

When My Health Record launched in 2012 as Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record, the digital health landscape certainly looked a lot different. Digital record keeping was really in its infancy but in the past two years, due to COVID-19, our reliance and trust on new technologies has leapt into the future. It’s commonplace to receive digital scripts and referrals and to have your health and vaccination records stored digitally so you can seamlessly move between health services. Not only is this a benefit to consumers but the positive effects it has on health providers is immeasurable.

Diamond Creek Medical Centre (DCMC) decided in 2020 to really embrace utilising My Health Record after they experienced some data loss following the change of clinical systems. Some friendly competition among their staff (nurses vs doctors) motivated employees to remember to upload their Shared Health Summaries to the system. The friendly competition boosted usage dramatically but has had positive flow-on results to the health services it provides. Although it requires a little time to upload and input the information, it allows patients to immediately see their own data and there is the benefits for the clinic as well.

Crystal Barbedo, Nurse in Charge at the DCMC shared, “From a clinical perspective, with more doctors and specialists on board with using My Health Record, the increased information has enabled us to access clinical information quickly and effectively by reducing the time spent on gathering clinical information especially when it has come to providing the COVID-19 vaccination.”

The Digital Health Team at EMPHN is here to help support the use of My Health Record and are available to assist you with any queries, including assistance with registration, training in the use of the system and other general questions. Please contact us at for any further information.