Digital Health Update - April 2018

23 April, 2018

My Health Record - Practice Incentive Program (ePIP)

Just a friendly reminder to ePIP registered practices that 30 April marks the end of another ePIP quarter and to ensure that practices have met their ePIP target in terms of Shared Health Summary uploads.

Practice can check their target SHS for the next quarter online, select the update function on the incentive summary screen of the practice profile in PIP Online.

Practices which are not going to meet the target must opt out of that payment quarter. This needs to be done online by the point-in-time date before the payment month – i.e. 30 April.

Opting out of a payment quarter means a practice is still registered for the eHealth Incentive, but won’t get a payment for the quarter the practice has opted out of. The practice will be automatically opted back in for the next payment quarter. Practices need to monitor your SHS uploads each quarter.

Withdrawing from the eHealth Incentive is not the same as opting out.

If a practice chooses to withdraw from the eHealth Incentive, it means the practice is no longer registered to participate in the Incentive. Practices won’t get any more payments unless they re-apply for the eHealth Incentive.

You can re-apply for the eHealth Incentive through HPOS.

N.B. Practice will only receive ePIP payments for uploading of Shared Health Summaries and not Event Summaries.

POLAR users - Call to action

By now, all practices which are using POLAR will have received at least one email from Outcome Health to request a time to install the new POLAR program and remove the Grhanite extraction tool.

Practices can either respond to Outcome Health or contact Barb Repcen on 90460354 or to book a time.

In the coming months, Grhanite will cease to work and practices will no longer have access to the POLAR reports.

Those practices which have already had the install completed, please ignore this email.