Digital Health news update: 05 February 2024

Digital Health news update: 05 February 2024

05 February, 2024

The following update is from the Australian Digital Health Agency

Digital Health – Understanding key roles in the Healthcare Identifiers Service

The Healthcare Identifiers Service (HI Service) is a national system for uniquely identifying healthcare providers, healthcare organisations and individuals receiving healthcare. The HI Service is a foundation component of all national digital health products and services, including My Health Record.

When a healthcare organisation registers to use the HI Service, they will identify staff for two key roles – the Responsible Officer (RO) and the Organisation Maintenance Officer (OMO).

The RO is the person within the healthcare organisation who has the authority to act on behalf of the healthcare organisation and is responsible for ensuring the organisation and its employees’ compliance with legislation. For large organisations, the RO may be the chief executive officer or chief operations officer. For small organisations, such as a General Practice, the RO may be the business owner.

The OMO acts on behalf of the organisation in its day-to-day administrative dealings with the HI Service and the My Health Record system. An organisation can have more than one OMO if they wish. This role may be assigned to the practice manager or other members of staff familiar with the practice's clinical and administrative systems. The OMO is responsible for keeping information about the organisation in the HI Service system up to date and making sure information about authorised employees is maintained.

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If the person nominated as the RO or OMO leaves your organisation, personnel details in the HI Service need to be updated through Health Professional Online Services (HPOS). For instructions visit: Services Australia’s webpage on ‘Managing the responsible officer and organisation maintenance officers for your organisation’.

eLearning Modules Update: Introduction to My Health Record in Aged Care

This 30-minute module outlines the benefits of using My Health Record for aged care health providers as well as describes how residents and their representatives can use and manage their records. The updated module includes information about the new documents that will soon be available to view in the My Health Record system. These documents will contain essential health information about an aged care resident to support clinical hand-over when an individual is transferred from a residential aged care facility to a hospital. The new documents are the Residential Care Transfer Reason*, Residential Care Health Summary*, and Residential Care Medication Chart*. They can be uploaded by a residential aged care home if their software enables uploading. *This functionality is expected in 2024. Register >

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