Curing Hepatitis C - Live Webinar Series

06 March, 2017

In February, Eastern Melbourne PHN (EMPHN) in partnership with North West Melbourne PHN ran a series of live webinars for practice nurses called Curing hepatitis C: your role as a primary health care nurse

This two-part webinar series was advertised across all six PHNs in Victoria.  Participants were given the opportunity to view the speaker via webcam, interact via polls and ask questions.

The experienced guest speaker, Dr Jacqui Richmond (PhD), is currently the Education and Training Program Manager for the Eliminate C Partnership and acts as an advisor and chair on multiple working and advisory groups.

Jacqui is also a part time Research Fellow at the Australian Research Centre for Sex, Health and Society, where she is working on a range of projects exploring cure in the context of hepatitis C infection.

Dr Richmond shared her knowledge and experience with the audience on common risk factors for hepatitis C, the process involved in hepatitis C testing, identifying treatment options for patients with hepatitis C and monitoring requirements for patients undergoing drug treatment.

Over 120 people participated in the live webinars with excellent participant feedback.  The comments from participants included: 

Q: One way I will change my practice as a result of participation in this activity is by:

“Awareness of Hep C increased and making a positive step towards being proactive in discussion and detection of potential recipients of treatment.”

“Having increased awareness and knowledge and mindful when interviewing patients potentially at risk.”

“Advise patients with Hep C that medication is now available to cure Hep C condition.”

“Have guidelines readily available for GP's and assist with pre-treatment history and follow up care after treatment”

Other comments:

”Excellent presentation, timely, succinct, relevant, practical, thank you, much appreciated.”

“Fantastic being a part of it. Sometimes feel isolated in Mallacoota so great to be able to join in. Thanks.”

 EMPHN plans to record these webinars in the future to reach more nurses who could not attend the live webinar sessions.