COVID Vaccine Report available in POLAR

COVID Vaccine Report available in POLAR

08 July, 2021

There is now a COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Report in POLAR that enables you to identify patients eligible for the vaccine throughout the various phases and to track the number of patients who have received the first or second doses.
To access, in POLAR, select Reports then the tile pictured.
If you need assistance in using this report please email There is also a 30 minute webinar on how to use this report. Also available is a walkthrough on how to identify patients in Phase 1b.

In order for this report to be accurate please record all COVID Vaccines given elsewhere.

Check your patients when they attend your practice or routinely check the patients My Health Record when they attend if your patient has received a COVID Vaccine elsewhere. The GP or Nurse should be able to view the Immunisations for a patient as part of the Medicines View.

Ensure you record the immunisation encounter in your Clinical Information Systems as per the below:

In Best Practice please record the COVID immunisation under Immunisations then select Not given here.

In Medical Director please add the COVID Vaccine under the IMM tab and tick Vaccine given elsewhere.

In Zedmed please record the COVID Vaccine in the Immunisation Tab and tick the Not Given Here box.

For any assistance using the COVID Vaccine Report please contact