COVID-19 Recorded Webinars, Education and Training

COVID-19 Recorded Webinars, Education and Training

02 February, 2021

EMPHN GP Webinar Series: Managing the shadow effects of the pandemic

This series of webinars aims to support general practitioners to manage the less visible ripple effects of the pandemic on wellbeing, mental and physical health.

Presented by EMPHN, speakers include local primary healthcare providers and experts in mental health, suicide prevention, respiratory conditions and rehabilitation.

Webinar #1 GP's put on your oxygen mask first - 12 November 2020 7pm:

Webinar #2 Strategies for GPs dealing with patients' heightened anxiety and stress - 19 November 2020 7pm:

Webinar #3 Managing the longer-term issues of recovered COVID-19 positive patients - 26 November 2020 7pm:

Webinar #4 Suicide Prevention at a time of heightened risk - 4 December 2020 7pm: