COVID-19 update for EMPHN commissioned services

Message from EMPHN

We wish to warmly thank commissioned services for your exceptional efforts in supporting our community at this time.

Our contract managers are striving to be in touch with you regularly - to hear your concerns, respond to your questions, and provide reassurance with issues around contract deliverables, delays, and flexibility. We know it is a stressful time, with new demands on services and pressing responses required. 

Information in this newsletter is general provider information and refers to contracts that are funded by the Department of Health (DoH). Some EMPHN programs, such as Doctors in Secondary Schools, have different funding arrangements and operational guidelines.

In this edition:

  • EMPHN Referral and Access Team

  • Department of Health webinars

  • Teleheath update

  • Personal Protective Equipment

  • Expanded COVID-19 testing criteria

  • COVID-19 communication guidelines

  • NDIA COVID-19 feedback questionnaire
  • National Health Practitioners Ombudsman and Privacy Commissioner
  • Homelessness Services Update
  • Webinars
  • Free supports
  • Hotlines

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