‘COVID-19 and Mental Health’ webinar

‘COVID-19 and Mental Health’ webinar

02 September, 2020

The recent “COVID-19 and Mental Health” webinar organised by Healthscope includes information about EMPHNs Mental Health Stepped Care Model and Psychiatric Advice and Consultation Service (PACS).

Praxhub has provided EMPHN with the link and user details to enable our health professionals to access this webinar.

Please see instructions below:

  1. Visit www.praxhub.com and Register or Login (if already an existing member)
  2. Once logged in, go to Organisations, and select Healthscope
  3. The video will be under “All Education” – “COVID-19 and Mental Health”
  4. GPs are invited to watch the video and complete the evaluation form in order to receive CPD points, which will be submitted by Healthscope with the RACGP within 4 weeks