COPD Study

COPD Study

09 January, 2023

Centre for Medicine Use and Safety investigators at Monash University Terracotta Trial are seeking expression of interest from general practice clinics to deliver tailored intervention or provide usual care in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

In the TERRACOTTA trial, disease management targeting treatable traits (TT) will be delivered by an interdisciplinary team of general practitioners, practice nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists and other allied health professionals. This multidisciplinary team of investigations have already demonstrated the real world effectiveness of interdisciplinary interventions for COPD in primary care.

Investigators are seeking expression of interest from general practice clinics with:

  • at least 500 patients in their database, and
  • have a practice nurse or are able to accommodate a practice nurse to deliver the tailored intervention targeting TT in COPD or provide usual care.

Note that all patients recruited to the study must have had their diagnosis confirmed via spirometry.

Clinics will be paid according to intervention group allocation. In addition, clinics will be reimbursed staff time for training and administration of the project. The project will also up-skill primary care health professionals to provide optimal care of COPD beyond the project.

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