Co-design findings: preventative health initiatives for mental health consumers

Co-design findings: preventative health initiatives for mental health consumers

07 January, 2020

At the end of last year Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network (EMPHN) facilitated a two-part co-design process to help us understand how we can increase access and participation in preventative health activities for consumers with mental health issues.

After an initial survey to gain an understanding of the current preventative health landscape for people with mental health issues, we hosted a co-design workshop on 3 December. It was an engaging session with participation from key stakeholders from various professional backgrounds, including primary and acute care, community health and mental health services, peak bodies, GP and local council. This was really invaluable. Thank you to those who took time out of their day to attend.

What we found

The main areas of focus that emerged from our two phase co-design process included:

  • capacity building
  • increase service coordination
  • need for tailored services.

The workshop identified the need for providers to work collaboratively in innovative ways in order to deliver on a seamless, flexible and comprehensive preventative health service response that best meets the needs of consumers with mental illness.

Download the summary paper for the full report.

Download the slides form the workshop.

Next steps

EMPHN will be looking to the market to provide innovative solutions to address the five preventative health service components (breast cancer screening, bowel cancer screening, cervical cancer screening, influenza immunisation and smoking cessation)
for consumers with mental health issues. Information regarding this tender opportunity will be made available on EMPHN’s eProcure portal by early February. Please register on eProcure to stay informed about this process.

If you would like to be further involved in our next step, please contact Cecilia Zha at EMPHN.

Phone: 03 9046 0353