Poisonous mushrooms growing in Melbourne 

Status: Active

Date issued: 13 May 2020

Issued by: Dr Angie Bone, Deputy Chief Health Officer (Environment)

Issued to: Health professionals and consumers

Key messages

  • Poisonous mushrooms including Death Cap mushrooms and Yellow-staining mushrooms are currently growing abundantly around Victoria as a result of the recent heavy rains
  • A number of serious mushroom poisonings have occurred in Victoria the last two weeks. Eating just one Death Cap mushroom can kill an adult
  • Unless you are an expert, do not pick and eat wild mushrooms in Victoria 
  • In most cases the sooner treatment can begin, the better the outcome. If it is suspected that you or your child have eaten a poisonous mushroom, do not wait for symptoms to occur before seeking medical attention.
  • Cooking, peeling or drying these mushrooms does not remove or inactivate the poison.
  • There is no home test available to distinguish safe and edible mushrooms from poisonous mushrooms.
  • Mushrooms purchased from a supermarket, greengrocer or other reputable source are safe to eat.
  • Dog owners should take particular care whilst walking their pet in areas where mushrooms may grow and where possible remove any mushrooms from their yard before they have a chance to eat them.

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Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne.