CEO update on clinical services transition

08 June, 2016

As we move towards 30 June 2016, we are focusing on transitioning existing clinical services to new providers to ensure continuity of care and putting in place the foundations for future re-design and the commissioning of new models.

Direction from the Federal Government means that we’ve proceeded with a select tendering process for existing services, which prioritises service continuity for the year ahead. We will shortly be announcing the future providers of Partners in Recovery in the outer east, Mental Health Nursing Incentive Program (MHNIP), the After Hours GP Clinic in Healesville and the Care Coordination and Supplementary Services (CCSS) program.

We are also in the establishment phase of our first two primary health care collaboratives, based around the LHN areas covered by Eastern Health and Austin Health respectively. This is in addition to our involvement in Shared Vision for the North with Northern Health and ongoing work with Monash Health in the south of our catchment.

These groups will drive a collective impact approach to system reform that will ensure funding is invested for greatest impact. All local health stakeholders have the opportunity to be involved in this important work, in particular GPs, consumers and other primary care providers.

From 1 July, our focus will shift more towards redesign and commissioning and our whole organisation is gearing up for the work ahead. Success in this ambitious goal will be possible with the involvement of everyone who cares about high quality health care in eastern and north eastern Melbourne.

Robin Whyte
CEO, Eastern Melbourne PHN