Additional provider of Psychosocial Support Service for the Eastern Melbourne PHN region

Additional provider of Psychosocial Support Service for the Eastern Melbourne PHN region

02 March, 2021
  • EMPHN appoints Wellways to deliver additional Psychosocial Support Service across their catchment from 1 March
  • The Psychosocial Support Service is for people of all ages who are living, working in or connected to the EMPHN region who experience severe mental illness and not supported by the NDIS

2 March 2021 - Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network (EMPHN) is pleased to announce an additional provider of the Psychosocial Support Service across the EMPHN catchment. After a competitive tender process, Wellways has been commissioned by EMPHN to deliver the Psychosocial Support Service, across the EMPHN region beginning 1 March 2021. 

Wellways will collaborate with EMPHN’s existing provider Neami National, and Mental Health Stepped Care providers across the north-east, outer-east and inner-east regions within the EMPHN catchment, to provide more capacity and choice for those with psychosocial support needs in the community. 

The Psychosocial Support Service is for people of all ages who are living, working in or connected to the EMPHN region. The service is available to those who experience severe mental illness and are not supported by the NDIS. 

EMPHN CEO, Janine Wilson, welcomes the appointment of an additional provider of the service in EMPHN’s catchment, saying the focus of the service is to deliver psychosocial supports specific to a person at the times they need them. 

“The Psychosocial Support Service provides timely support for EMPHN’s community like finding a new home or developing work goals. Having an additional provider in our catchment will increase access and better enable the service to respond to the needs of the community when it is most needed.” 

Wellways CEO Laura Collister says it is exciting to be working in together with Carrington Health and partners to deliver the Psychosocial Support Service in the Eastern Melbourne region.

“The program will offer a unique focus on flexible support and a whole of person approach integrating mental and physical health. We are passionate about engaging people, together with their natural supports in their community to improve their wellbeing.”

Anyone can make a referral to the Psychosocial Support Service, including individuals, GPs, family members or friends, or mental health or health services. The service can be delivered one-to-one or in a group, provided through outreach or centre-based. 

Wellways will deliver the Psychosocial Support Service Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm (excluding public holidays) and will have capacity to provide support after hours and on the weekend. For referrals, please phone EMPHN’s Referral and Access team on (03) 9800 1071.

The Psychosocial Support Service is also delivered by Neami National Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 5:00pm (excluding public holidays). Phone 1300 168 911 or visit the website.

For more information on Stepped Care, visit EMPHN’s Mental Health Referral and Access website.