Needs Assessment

The purpose of this needs assessment is to identify key primary health care issues and priorities in our region.

All Primary Health Networks (PHNs) are required to perform an evidence-based needs assessment of their region to
identify their unique regional and local priorities. These are in addition to the priorities set down by the Australian
Government when it established the PHNs in 2015.

Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network (EMPHN) is one of 31 PHNs nationally. Our organisation’s vision is to
achieve better health outcomes for the community we serve, a better health care experience for all and a more
integrated healthcare system.

Our needs assessment identifies our organisation’s priorities to achieve this vision. This needs assessment is informed
by robust stakeholder consultation (described in the Appendix) and supported by data and evidence. This approach
ensures that the services we fund meet the clearly identified health and healthcare needs for our communities.

EMPHN’s Board has set six transformative strategies to help focus the organisation’s resources over the next three years on successfully addressing the priorities identified in this needs assessment.

Read the Needs Assessment here.