Greater Choices for at Home Palliative Care

Greater Choices for at Home Palliative Care

EMPHN is working collaboratively with public and private providers including GPs and residential aged care facilities (RACF) to improve access to safe quality palliative care.


  • Patient preferences for end of life care in the home can be better supported.
  • RACF and GP confidence to manage and support patients at end of life in their preferred location is enhanced.
  • RACFs and GPs are better able to recognise and manage acute deterioration in symptoms, resulting in fewer hospitalisation of palliative patients.
  • After hours services are complemented with technology.

"Most people prefer to die comfortably at home or in a home-like environment with minimal pain and suffering. They hope to be surrounded by friends and family and the care services they need. A good death meets the individual physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of the dying person."

Dying well, Hal Swerissen and Stephen Duckett, Grattan Institute, September 2014