Psychological Strategies (formerly known as ATAPS)

Changes to Psychological Strategies

Psychological Strategies (formerly known as ATAPS) is an Australian Government program that was developed to improve the health outcomes of low income and disadvantaged people with mental health issues in the community. Introduced in 2001, Psychological Strategies is part of the Better Outcomes in Mental Health Care Program, and was developed to deliver short term, goal orientated, focussed psychological strategies to individuals with common mental disorders of mild to moderate severity.

New Mental Health Stepped Care Model

By January 2019, EMPHN will have completed its transition to a Mental Health Stepped Care Model, in line with reform Australia-wide which PHNs are leading.

As part of the transition, the programs of Mental Health Nursing Services (formerly MHNIP) and Psychological Strategies (formerly ATAPS) will come to an end.

Visit our Mental Health Stepped Care Model webpage for information or contact EMPHN's Referral and Access team (03) 9800 1071.


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