Psychosocial Support Service

Psychosocial Support Service, delivered by Neami National, and Wellways Australia in partnership with healthAbility:

This service is for people of all ages who are living or working in (or have connections to) the Eastern Melbourne PHN region. The service is available to those who experience severe mental illness and are not supported by the NDIS.

Psychosocial supports are specific to the person and the times they need them and can be delivered one-to-one or in a group. Support may include:

  • developing social skills and friendships
  • building relationships with family
  • managing money
  • finding and looking after a home
  • building skills and qualifications
  • developing work goals
  • staying physically well, including exercise
  • support with drug, alcohol and smoking issues
  • building life skills, including confidence and resilience
  • exploring access to the NDIS

Anyone can make a referral to the Psychosocial Support Service, including the individual, a GP, a family member or friend, or a mental health or health service.

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