Preventative Health

People with mental health issues are not only at much greater risk of experiencing chronic physical illness, but are also 50% less likely to receive treatment for their physical health concerns.

Just as psychosocial support services will incorporate a focus on staying physically well, EMPHN’s other commissioned services will also take an integrated approach to ensure that consumers with mental health issues will receive support for their physical health needs.

EMPHN’s Preventative Health Initiative for mental health consumers will address five areas: breast cancer screening, bowel cancer screening, cervical cancer screening, influenza immunisation, and smoking cessation.

The Preventative Health Initiative will support mental health consumers to build personal capacity and confidence in addressing their physical health needs. The program will also strengthen the mental health and primary health sectors’ ability to provide whole-of-person care and undertake care coordination to ensure services work together on behalf of consumers.

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EMPHN Mental Health Referral and Access team