Mental health, AOD and suicide prevention

Leading mental health, AOD and suicide prevention reform and system integration.

Eastern Melbourne PHN (EMPHN) partners with health professionals, consumers and carers to scope the gaps in the mental health, alcohol and other drugs (AOD) and suicide prevention sectors, identify emerging community needs and purchase services that address our region's needs.

Regional Integrated Mental Health, AOD and Suicide Prevention Plan

Primary Health Networks have been tasked with the development of a Regional Integrated Mental Health, AOD and Suicide Prevention Plan. Developed in partnership with Local Hospital Networks (LHNs) and other key stakeholders in the region, the Regional Plan aims to support more integrated service delivery pathways that are targeted to consumers' needs across mental health, AOD and suicide prevention. EMPHN has commenced consultation on the development of the Regional Plan from late July 2018.

Mental Health Stepped Care Model

Eastern Melbourne PHN's mental health (MH) services will be delivered through a Mental Health Stepped Care Model (SCM), a service delivery framework tailored to consumer needs that all Primary Health Networks are mandated to develop and implement.

The Mental Health SCM is part of the Australian Government’s response to the National Mental Health Commission’s Review of Mental Health Programmes and Services.

Visit EMPHN's Mental Health Stepped Care Model webpage.

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Alcohol and other drugs

EMPHN is embarking on the development of a new model of care for AOD services in the region. EMPHN will be commencing consultation to inform commissioning of new community services. For information about co-design in AOD, visit the  Co-design and development of a new AOD service model for EMPHN page.

Suicide prevention

EMPHN has partnered with the Victorian Government's Department of Health and Human Services to deliver a suicide prevention trial site in Whittlesea. Through its funding from the Australian Government, a trial is also being implemented in Maroondah.

EMPHN is currently undertaking a review of suicide prevention services and initiatives in the catchment.

Psychosocial Supports

EMPHN is commissioning new psychosocial support service in 2019 to assist people with severe mental illness. The new psychosocial support service is intended to address the needs of people who are not eligible for the NDIS and who may ‘fall through the gaps’. Psychosocial support can assist people with severe mental illness to participate in their community, manage daily tasks, undertake work or study, find housing, get involved in activities, and make connections with family and friends. For more information visit psychosocial supports page

EMPHN currently funds a wide range of MH and AOD services including:

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