Population Level Analysis & Reporting (POLAR GP) system

POLAR GP stands for Population Level Analysis & Reporting for general practice. POLAR GP is useful for insight and planning across the areas of clinical, business and accreditation. It enables meaningful analysis by general practices of their own identified patient data, which is presented in an easy to use graphical format. EMPHN is providing POLAR GP free for general practices of all sizes within the EMPHN catchment.

Practice Data Quality Reporting is now available!

A hard copy report that demonstrates practice performance against benchmarks using POLAR GP is now available. This report can lead to better patient outcomes and identify areas of improvement in your practice. 

See our flyer for more information.

The report uses POLAR – Population Level Analysis and Reporting - business intelligence software for practice staff and GPs. To find out more about POLAR, visit our webpage.

To request a report or for further information on POLAR, please contact:

Barb Repcen

EMPHN’s Digital Health Officer

p. 9046 0354 



For support contact the digital health team on 03 9046 0354 or  polar@emphn.org.au. When asked by our team, click the button below to download the TeamViewer Remote Support application.


Training and webinar videos are recorded by Outcome Health. These videos are a great resource illustrating the power of POLAR.

Below are links to short training videos covering specific POLAR topics: 

POLAR Training - Basic Navigation

POLAR Training - Patient Page

POLAR Training - Diagnosis Page

Below are links to webinar videos covering specific POLAR topics as well as user Q&A: 

POLAR Webinar with Q&A Mar 2019

POLAR Webinar with Q&A Oct 2018

POLAR Webinar with Q&A Sep 2018

POLAR Webinar with Q&A Jul 2018

POLAR Webinar with Q&A Apr 2018

POLAR Webinar with Q&A Mar 2018

Training videos can also be accessed within the POLAR GP software. Go to POLAR Summary Report > POLAR Support and Disclaimer sheet > POLAR GP Support Videos (located on the top left side). 

Polar User Group 

The purpose of the group is for practice staff who are active users of the Polar Program to  : 

  • Share experiences   
  • Share how they are using Polar in their Practices? 
  • What is helpful/What is not?  
  • Improve understanding and use of a the Polar tool   
  • Tips/Training  
  • Suggestions for enhancements – Managing expectations.   
  • Supporting each other as a group  

The meetings will be held at EMPHN Box Hill 3-4 times per annum. Members do not need to attend all meetings.  If you would like to join the group please email polar@emphn.org.au.

Accounts and passwords

POLAR GP enables you to allow or restrict access to specific reports. For example, as an administrator you may prefer all staff to have access to the Summary report but restrict access to the Summary Business report to yourself and the business owner. 

You nominate a POLAR GP administrator when you sign up. 

The processes for setting up accounts, managing access, and resetting passwords are covered in the resources below. We recommend you start by viewing the set up guide video. 

Contact us if you need help with these processes or alternatively you may search for the solution on the POLAR Confluence found  here (use your POLAR login).

Frequently asked questions 

What is the cost to the practice? 

There is no direct cost to the practice. POLAR GP is fully subsided by EMPHN, and there will be no ongoing product costs. An agreement to provide de-identified practice data to EMPHN is required for the use of the tool. 

How will POLAR GP benefit patient care? 

POLAR GP will support internal operations including patient-centred care and quality improvement activities. For example, on POLAR GP, your practice can identify at-risk patients on a range of clinical indicators, audit appropriate medications and immunisations, track patient and practitioner outcomes and improve data quality. This in turn will aid identification of service needs, education requirements and provision of care to your patient population. 

How does POLAR GP work? 
POLAR GP is a highly intuitive and user-friendly platform that requires very little training for use, resulting in a decrease in the time spent auditing. Filters are applied in an easy and intuitive manner allowing practices to determine what information is required. POLAR GP also allows practices to review their MBS revenue and investigate potential MBS revenue. In addition, it enables mapping of GP free text diagnoses to internationally recognised diagnoses codes. 

How will the privacy of our patients and providers be protected? 

Privacy concerns are a top priority. At no point does any identified patient data leave your practice. At your practice the data extraction tool de-identifies the data and sends the encrypted data securely to the POLAR Data Warehouse.

Who has the right to use this data? 

Your PHN can use the de-identified aggregated practice data through a secure web portal. Privacy is further protected in this portal with geographical information concerning patients disappearing once patients drop below a count of 20 people. Aggregated de-identified patient data may be used for PHN approved research that will benefit the community and service system. It will not be shared with any commercial entities (i.e. pharmaceutical companies).

How is EMPHN going to use the aggregated de-identified patient data? 

De-identified patient data that is extracted from practices will be used alongside state data sets to improve population health planning and provide better patient outcomes across the region. This will include providing education and training in areas of need, identification of service gaps, commissioning and incentivising of new services and evaluating program outcomes. This data will also assist in bench-marking your practice across the region to inform and highlight areas of value in your practice. 

How is POLAR GP installed? 

The installation process will be carried out by the PHN, however the process has been purposely designed to allow people with minimal IT experience to install the application, and some practices may wish to do it themselves. Remote Installation can be conducted in most cases.

What training will be provided for POLAR GP? 

Training can be provided face to face upon installation of POLAR GP, through EMPHN staff and through support videos in the POLAR GP tool. 

What reporting can POLAR GP provide?

Practice Data Quality Reporting is now available! A hard copy report that demonstrates practice performance against benchmarks, this report can lead to better patient outcomes and identify areas of improvement in your practice.