Vulnerable Peoples Vaccination Program

Vulnerable Peoples Vaccination Program

22 October, 2023

The Vulnerable Peoples Homebound Vaccination Program (VPHVP) is an Australian Government funded initiative, supporting vulnerable populations to access the COVID-19 vaccine. EMPHN continues to accept referrals from GPs and other healthcare providers within the EMPHN catchment to vaccinate people who meet the homebound eligibility criteria and are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccination in line with the latest Australian Technical Advisory Group (ATAGI) advice.


People eligible for an in-reach vaccination service include but are not limited to:

  • those who are experiencing homelessness, including those living on the streets, in emergency accommodation, boarding houses or between temporary shelters;
  • those who do not have a Medicare card or are not eligible for Medicare;
  • people with a disability or who are frail and cannot leave home (homebound individuals);
  • people in rural and remote areas with limited healthcare options, including those who cannot travel to a regional centre;
  • First Nations Peoples;
  • people living in and remote communities;
  • culturally, ethnically and linguistically diverse people, especially asylum seekers and refugees and those in older age groups who may find it difficult to use other vaccination services;
  • children aged 5-11 who have complex needs, who are not captured by another suitable vaccination channel, and
  • any other vulnerable groups identified as requiring dedicated support to access vaccinations.

Referral Process

To refer, please complete our referral form. Once we have received a referral, a vaccination provider will contact the homebound person (or nominated contact person) to schedule a time for the in-reach home visit.

Further enquiries

If you require more information, please contact