Updates on Healthdirect video call platform

Updates on Healthdirect video call platform

27 October, 2020

Additional Screen Share functionality

You can now Share content with audio using ‘Start a Screenshare’ under Tools in the call screen. For example, you can share games, videos and songs and the other participant(s) will be able to hear the audio from these.

Sharing content with audio is possible from a Chrome Tab (eg a YouTube Video) or from your desktop by sharing Your Entire Screen (but not by sharing an Application Window).

How to use this function:

Go to the ‘Tools’ dropdown and select ‘Start a Screenshare’.

Before clicking Share, click on the ‘Share audio’ tick box at the bottom left to enable audio from your computer to be shared.

Please note: audio sharing is not possible when the person sharing is using the Apple Safari browser. This feature is in addition to the YouTube Add-on that we announced previously.

New Clinic Configuration Tab

There is a new tab in the configure section called ‘Joining a call’, which allows the Clinic Administrator to set the default behaviour for guests joining a meeting room associated with the clinic. The Clinic Administrator can now specify whether a photo is required to be taken by the guest when joining a meeting room call. Please note: Unless a Clinic Administrator changes the default setting, it will remain the same as today (i.e. a photo is required). This new configuration only applies to meeting rooms and guests and does not apply to waiting area calls.

Please email us at: videocallsupport@healthdirect.org.au with any questions.