HealthPathways team at the National Dementia Conference

HealthPathways team at the National Dementia Conference

17 June, 2024

The HealthPathways Melbourne team recently participated in the National Dementia Conference 2024, held over two days on June 12 and 13 at Crown Promenade, Melbourne.

The conference brought together a diverse group of experts and health professionals from across the country. It served as a valuable platform for networking, forging connections, and exchanging strategies to enhance dementia care and support for individuals living with dementia, their caregivers, and families.

Attendees at the conference expressed high regard for HealthPathways Melbourne, acknowledging its pivotal role in supporting patient care. Particularly noteworthy was the positive feedback on the Dementia Support Pathways and Implementation Project. Attendees appreciated the availability of dementia consumer information sheets in multiple languages, addressing a recognised gap in resources.

The Dementia Directory, which features more than 90 services, was highlighted as a significant resource by conference delegates. Its comprehensive nature was praised for simplifying the process of finding suitable dementia services for clients.

The presence of NWMPHN Board Member, Abiola Akinbiyi, as a conference speaker was also well received. Abiola's insightful presentation and engagement with the audience added great value to the discussions, emphasizing the importance of accessible and high-quality dementia care.

The conference underscored the collective effort required to advance dementia care and the significant contributions made by HealthPathways Melbourne in this vital area of healthcare.

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