COVID-19 in our community

COVID-19 in our community

27 July, 2020

EMPHN has developed a report on COVID-19 in our community. The report also shows at risk populations with active chronic diseases, the uptake in telehealth and flu immunisations. EMPHN's population of almost 1.5m has experienced:

  • 1467 COVID-19 cases 
  • Cases in our community represent 18% of Victoria's cases.

Interpreting the data

  • The report contains de-identified data collected from general practices within EMPHN's catchment via the POLAR GP data tool and DHHS COVID-19 data
  • 299 general practices contribute data through POLAR (74% of practices in the EMPHN catchment). 
  • Data in this report is updated weekly (where possible), and is subject to change.
  • General practices using POLAR GP can also access COVID-19 reports for their practice. For further assistance, please contact

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